Turning Traffic in to Adsense Traffic 2020

Turning Traffic in to Adsense Traffic 2020

Turning Traffic in to Adsense Traffic 2020
Turning Traffic in to Adsense Traffic 2020

If you've been running AdSense 2020 ads on your site for quite a while and you feel that you aren't making as much cash as you could, in 99.99% of cases you're right. Most people feel frustrated that they cannot generate the revenues they expected, and this is down to traffic levels as well as click through rates.

There are many ways to turn traffic into AdSense 2020 traffic and here is a short list of them with a description for each.

The first thing that you need to do is tune up your site's contents. While for some people this isn't an option (if you're running a forum for example it's a lot harder) most people can make their AdSense  2020 sites veritable cash cows.

To begin, you should find out what your site's keywords are. This is a basic technique in SEO (search engine optimization) known as keyword density verification. A good tool for this job is SEO Density Analizer 2020.

You should then take this list of words and search the Overture Search Inventory or Google AdWords 2020 Sandbox to find out what other words could be doing better then what you currently have.

From that point on try to keep your site focused on the things that appear mostly in the keyword suggestions you receive. Try to include those keywords, or at least some related keywords as often as you can in the links on your site.

Because of the way Google AdSense 2020 works this is a sure way to increase your earnings because you'll get better ads in your AdSense 2020 banners, similar to how you would get a better Google PageRank 2020

It's also important that you continuously add new pages to your site. This is very important, as the more pages you have, the higher the chance is that you'll get more hits on your ads.

It's also very important that you choose the appropriate formats for your AdSense 2020  banners and the best locations for them. While this is a much wider subject you should generally know that the top three Google AdSense formats are: 336x280 large rectangle 300x250 medium rectangle and 160x600 skyscraper.

Make sure you choose the appropriate colors for the ads, as making them too different from your site's content (or just different in a bad way) is sure to make visitors regard them as banners which have nothing to do with the site itself.

Make sure these ads are positioned where they'll generate the highest amount of profit. Most times, that location is said to be right before the beginning of your site's actual content.

On pages with a long text body, you might find skyscrapers to do better, simply because users get exposed to them for more time. Also, for sites with news or similar items, you might find a good position to be at the bottom of your content, because that's when people are finished reading your story and are looking for something else to do.

You should use more AdSense 2020 units if you have a lot of text on your page. Just make sure not to overdo it because you might find that you will get a lot lower CTR and lower revenues then you were getting in the first place by employing this technique inappropriately. You can add as many as three units, so use them wisely.

There's a Google AdSense 2020  Preview Tool that will let you visualize what ads would get served on your page and it can come in very handy as a testing mechanism.

Just make sure you respect the AdSense 2020  policy regarding click fraud. As a pointer you could place a picture next to your adds, just make sure to leave some room in between in order to make sure this isn't regarded as encouraging visitors to click the link.

Of course there are more ways to increase AdSense 2020 traffic from your site, but these should serve as a good starting point for income maximization.

Top Paying AdSense Keywords and Best Adsense Niches for 2020

After insurance, the best niches are as follows:
  • Online education at $12.08 a click.
  • Marketing and Advertising at $6.45 per click.
  • Legal averaging $6.11 per click.
  • Internet & telecom at $4.96 per click.
After these niches, things drop off a little bit, with nothing costing more than $2.28 per click. However, if you have or are building a blog with a ton of traffic, even $1.90 per click from the jewelry industry, for example, can add up. It won’t add up as quickly as a $17.55 CPC, but you should weigh volume and relevance with a high CPC like this. 
Turning Traffic in to Adsense Traffic 2020
Turning Traffic in to Adsense Traffic 2020

The Best AdSense Niches in the UK

Like the United States, insurance is clearly the niche with the biggest CPC in the UK, with the average cost per click coming in at around $6.86.

Turning Traffic in to Adsense Traffic 2020
Turning Traffic in to Adsense Traffic 2020

No other niches even come close here, with Marketing and Advertising being the second most profitable with an average CPC of $3.49, closely followed by Internet & Telecom at $3.21 and then Cryptocurrency at $1.82.

The Best AdSense Niches in Australia

Australia’s most profitable niches closely resemble the United Kingdom’s.
Insurance is once again hands-down the best niche for publishers in Australia, with a CPC of $8.39. The next best niche is Marketing & Advertising at $4.12, Cryptocurrency at $3.08, Internet & Telecom at $2.67, and Online Banking at $2.09.

The Best AdSense Niches in Canada

The average cost per click is much lower in Canada than it is in other countries, making Insurance the niche with the highest average cost per click at $3.57. 

Following Insurance is the Marketing & Advertising niche at $2.74, Home and Garden at $2.21 tied with Internet & Telecom, and the Legal niche at $2.19. 
Overall, Insurance, Marketing & Advertising, and the Internet & Telecom niches are the most profitable across the board, which can be good to know if you are targeting audiences across multiple countries. 
Turning Traffic in to Adsense Traffic 2020
Turning Traffic in to Adsense Traffic 2020

The Top-Paying Keywords in the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, and Canada

While it is great to know which niches, in general, will have the highest CPCs, it is also useful to know which keywords are most likely to yield the highest payouts. 
There are two things to look at here: which keywords are the most expensive and will yield the most per click, and which ones are the most popular and then, therefore, drive more clicks. You can adjust your content strategy accordingly to incorporate a mix of both into your content. 

The Top-Paying Keywords in the US

In the United States, there is little overlap between the most expensive and the most popular keywords.

In the insurance industry, the most expensive keywords are Geico insurance ($83.24), instant auto insurance quote ($69.72), and get auto insurance online ($67.28). 
The most popular keywords, on the other hand, are Farmer’s insurance with a volume of 450,000 monthly searches, farm insurance (450,000), car insurance (368,000), and travel insurance (368,000). 

In Marketing and Advertising, the costs of the most expensive keywords are relatively close, ranging from only $27.85 for “email marketing” to $20.95 for “seo consulting services.” The most popular keywords are much more general terms, like “PR” and “marketing,” ranging from 90,500 to 135,000 monthly searches. 

The Top-Paying Keywords in the UK

The United Kingdom focuses more on life insurance and business-related insurance when it comes to the most expensive keywords, with the top 5 most expensive keywords ranging from $28.83 for “low cost life insurance” to $42.25 “for business health insurance.”
Turning Traffic in to Adsense Traffic 2020
Turning Traffic in to Adsense Traffic 2020

The Internet and Telecom industry has an enormous range in CPC for the top 5 most expensive keywords for UK audiences, going from $36.80 for “3 mobile broadband” up to $155.13 for “internet security firewall.” 
The most popular keywords in the UK for this niche have big gaps as well, going from 22,200 monthly searches for “cyber security” to 90,500 searches for “mobile phones.” Some of these searches are so broad it may be difficult to rank well for them, and they ironically get more specific (and easier to rank for) the lower down the list you go.

The Top-Paying Keywords in Australia

Comparing Australia’s data to the previous two countries is a powerful reminder of how different the details can be across geographical locations, even when there are similarities in general niche performance. 
Life insurance keywords were easily the most expensive, and were close in cost, ranging from $53.34 for “family life insurance quotes” to $58.50 for “life insurance quote.” That being said, the most popular keywords were travel and car insurance-related. 
If you are using AdSense placements on your site to monetize it, then it makes sense that you want the biggest payoff possible. Who wouldn’t?

You need to be strategic about which niches you write in and what keywords you are optimizing for because not all ads will pay equally. If you can use your content to drive clicks and conversions in high-paying niches or keywords, you will see more profit coming from the ads placements that you have available on your site.

This kind of strategy is what will make the difference between making a few cents per click and driving significant revenue that has a real impact on your life and business.

We wanted to help publishers see the kind of revenue they are hoping for when they become AdSense publishers, so we did some research. We used SEMrush’s CPC Map tool to take a close look at the top paying ad niches and keywords so that you can shift your content to start accommodating them today.
The Best AdSense Niches In the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia
Finding the most profitable AdSense Niches is going to be a good place to start when you are creating content with the goal of monetizing through the Display Network, but you want to keep in mind that there are variations based on location.

Let’s take a look at the best niches in the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia, and remember that targeting the right niches can be even more beneficial when you combine the knowledge with the top-paying keywords, too.

The Best AdSense Niches in the US

In the United States, insurance is easily the highest paying niche, which has an average CPC of $17.55. All types of insurance fall under this niche, including health, home, auto, and life insurance. Businesses are willing to pay more for clicks on an insurance ad because they can have an incredibly high ROI, even with much higher CPCs.
The 4-step Process on How You Can Benefit from This Data
This is a lot of data all in one place, and it can be difficult not to feel overwhelmed by it all. To help with that, we have developed a 4-step process that will allow you to benefit from the information we have featured so far in our post.
Pro tip here: Play around with sorting. If, for example, you sort keywords by the highest CPC, you will likely get long-tail keywords with low volume, but these can potentially yield high long-term income. If you are looking for keywords with high volume, on the other hand, you will probably end up with keywords that average lower CPCs but high potential exposure. Consider your strategy and find the optimal mix that allows you to maximize revenue.
Turning Traffic in to Adsense Traffic 2020
Turning Traffic in to Adsense Traffic 2020

2. Find Which Keywords are Driving the Most Revenue to Your Competitors

Sometimes your competitors may already know a thing or two that you don’t, and it never hurts to snag a few of their best keywords so that you can profit, too.

Just imagine being able to view the keywords that drive the most clicks and revenue for your competition. With SEMrush’s Organic Research tool, you can do just that.

Underneath the “Positions” tab, you just have to follow four quick steps:

Enter your competitor’s website.

Scroll to “Top Organic Keywords” and then click to see the full report.

Sort by CPC.

See a whole list of potential keywords that you can now use, finding the perfect balance between high search volume and high CPC.

Go through this process with at least 3-5 sites to get a good idea of which keywords you should be targeting, forming a diverse but very effective profile.

1. Define Which Keywords to Target in the Chosen Niche

Once you have identified which niches you want to target (and remember that you don’t just have to stick to the top niches we have identified), you will want to do industry-related keyword research to optimize for the most profitable and popular keywords.

Use SEMrush’s Keyword Magic Tool to look up an industry-related “seed” keyword (like “insurance” to find the most relevant keywords that hold the highest potential for profit.

3. Find Topics That Will Resonate Most

When you are creating content, you want to find the topics that will resonate most with your audience so you can optimize for relevant ads to appear on your site.

This can be challenging in and of itself, but our Topic Research tool can help. All you need to do is type in an industry-related topic like “insurance,” and you will be shown the headlines that resonate most with people searching for content related to it.

4. Create Content With the Highest-ranking Potential

Turning Traffic in to Adsense Traffic 2020
Turning Traffic in to Adsense Traffic 2020

Creating great content that is targeting high CPC and high search volume keywords is great, but it won’t amount to much if you aren’t able to get people to your site so they can see the content, see the ad, and then click.

This means that you need to have your content optimized to rank as well as possible in the SERPs.

Our SEO Writing Assistant can come to the rescue here, assessing the readability, SEO potential, originality, and tone of any piece of content you write in just a few seconds.

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