what is meant by google adsense


Definition what is meant by google adsense ?

A contextual advertisement service provided by Google.

what is meant by google adsense
what is meant by google adsense


Google AdSense is a popular way for websites to make money from advertisements, all the way from part-time bloggers to some of the largest publishers on the web. AdWords advertisers pay Google either by the click (PPC) or impression (CPM). In turn, Google shares a percentage of that revenue with the AdSense publishers. what is meant by google adsense ?
Google AdSense serves ads via plain text, as opposed to graphical content that dominated the advertising scene when it was introduced in 2003. Google decided to serve plain text in an effort to minimize the intrusiveness of advertisements, to optimize the page loading speeds, and ultimately, to elicit a more favorable marketing response from the site visitor.

What is Google AdSense?

what is meant by google adsense
what is meant by google adsense

What is AdSense? what is meant by google adsense This question is on the minds of many Digital Marketing newbies. This entire post will help you understand not just what is Google AdSense and how does it work, but also how you can monetize it. what is meant by google adsense Google AdSense is Google’s online advertisement network which connects advertisers with the online publishers, i.e. the website owners. It enables publishers to monetize their websites by placing ads at different locations on their websites using the CPC (cost per click) model. While advertisers use Google Adwords to create campaigns and run ads, the publishers on the other hand use what is meant by google adsense Google AdSense to allow ads on their website and thus earn money from the clicks obtained on the same.

What is RPM in Google AdSense? what is meant by google adsense ?

RPM in what is meant by Google AdSense means, the page revenue per thousand impressions, i.e. the amount of revenue which your website earns for every 1000 page views. Google says that it is calculated by dividing your estimated earnings by the number of page views you received, then multiplying by 1000. 
what is meant by google adsense ?
i.e. RPM = (Estimated earnings / Number of page views) * 1000
For example, if you earned an estimated $0.30 from 50 page views, then your page RPM would equal ($0.30 / 50) * 1000, or $6.00. Which means, for every 1000 page views, you earn $6 from the what is meant by google adsense 

How to Sign up for Google AdSense?

what is meant by google adsense
what is meant by google adsense

If you have a website with a decent traffic, only then apply for the Google AdSense, otherwise with a brand new website which has no traffic it doesn’t make any sense. Google will most probably reject your application. Google requires your website to be active for at least the last 6 months, before you apply for an AdSense account.
Next make sure that your website is ready for AdSense. Just a decent traffic is not enough. Your website needs to comply with Google’s standards. Here is the basic criteria:
  • Create original and highly relevant content what is meant by google adsense for your target readers. Don’t copy or spin the content from other websites otherwise, forget a chance to rank organically on Google and if somehow you rank, Google will not approve your AdSense account. Remember, content is still the king. So create a great content to create a great user experience. Most importantly Google helps users find the most relevant information for their searches, so if you create great and original content which helps your users, then Google automatically will start ranking you in the top 10 searches.

  • what is meant by google adsense You must have a navigation bar (or menu bar) at the top of your website. This is not only helpful for the visitors on your website to find the right content they are looking at but it also helps retain the visitors and increase the page views. Not only this, Google considers it to be one of the best practices for the website user experience. And what is meant by google adsense remember that your menu should be functioning correctly, there should be no dead links or non-clickable options anywhere. what is meant by google adsense

Apply to join the YouTube Partner Program.This April, 2017, Google introduced a new review process for all the channels applying to join the YouTube partner program. One of the prime criteria for the eligibility is 10,000 public channel views. Visit to check your channel’s view count. Your channel should also adhere to YouTube’s Partner Program Policies to get approved.Here are the steps to be followed (as per Google):
Sign in to your YouTube account.
In the top right, select your account icon > Creator Studio.
In the left menu, select Channel > Status and features.
Under “Monetization,” click Enable.
Follow the on-screen steps to accept the YouTube Partner Program Terms

Can a Single AdSense Account Be Used With Multiple Websites?

what is meant by google adsense
what is meant by google adsense

what is meant by google adsense
what is meant by google adsense

Yes, that’s the beauty of it. Once your AdSense account gets approved, you can link it with your multiple websites. But remember, never to mess up with Google policies or to copy or spin content from other websites. As you can get suspended or banned altogether from using the AdSense account. Here are the steps, as defined by Google, to do the same
  • Sign in to your AdSense account.
  • In the left navigation panel, click Settings.
  • Click My sites.
  • Click Add.
  • Enter the URL of the site that you’d like to add (e.g., If you’re unsure which URL to enter, check the section on formatting the URLs of your sites below.what is meant by google adsense
  • Click Add site.
  • Your site is added to your site list with a status of “verified”.

Best Practices for AdSense

what is meant by google adsense
what is meant by google adsense

Always think from your website visitors’ perspective. No one likes the ads distracting their reading experience on a website. So think, in which areas of your website will you post the ads so that the reading experience of your visitors does not get affected. The visitors, visit your website for certain information they which they require. They do not visit your website to click on the ads (although Google does a great job of matching the Ads with the topic of the Website). what is meant by google adsense
Here’s one diagram by Google where it shows Good and Bad practices of placing Ads on websites: what is meant by google adsense

“Above the Fold” means that portion of the website which is visible to the user, without any scrolling. Apart from that some other best practices for AdSense Ads placement are: what is meant by google adsense
  • Don’t completely camouflage your website design and colours in order that the Ads are not recognisable to the visitors. Google doesn’t like that. The Ads on your website should be distinct and easily recognisable by the visitors. It is up to them to click on the Ads or not. what is meant by google adsense
  • Avoid placing Ads in locations where visitors might confuse them with menu, navigation and download links. Google doesn’t like that because it considers this as fooling around with the visitors to make them click on your Ads. what is meant by google adsense
  • Don’t put too many Ads on your website in a bid to increase your revenue. It should not look like that there is less of a content, and more of the Ads. Most importantly your visitors will not like that, which will lead them to leave your website thus increasing your bounce rate. what is meant by google adsense

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